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Friday, 11 April 2008

EPSOM SALT: Uses In Sports Medicine and Injury Recovery


Sports Medicine and Injury Recovery through the use of Epsom Salt

Broken Bones and dislocated joints need the seeking of Medical Therapy by a professional licensed and trained in Osteopathic (Muscular Skeletal) Medicine.

Unless joint damage can be ruled out via Xray or MRI, it is very difficult to say for certain that no bone has fragmented/chipped, even if joint/bone seems in place after injury. Not only can more damage occur from touching, rubbing, standing, or moving the broken/dislocated matter… specific physical therapy needs to be introduced after proper placement/replacement and adequate immobilized healing time has been achieved.

For Sports Muscle and Ligament Soreness-


Preferably have Loved One, Spouse, Friend, or Sports Assistant available.

  • Have Injured Person/Self lie on a water resistant massage table or bamboo mat on floor.
  • Place Warm, dampened towels under body/areas that are experiencing soreness/muscle pain from the sport/activity.
  • With a ¼ cup of Epsom Salt gently shake the Epsom Salt Crystals onto dampened skin, and continue until area is covered.
  • Follow-through with specific Deep Tissue Massage to realign muscle, tendons, and connective tissue.
  • Keep injured area warm and slightly damp.
  • Avoid Bruises, Cuts, Rashes, and any area that cannot stand a simple touch, where an EPSOM SALT WRAP would be preferred over tissue manipulation.

The Type of Tissue Rub/Massage, which will be beneficial, is dependant upon the state of relaxation needed and type of injury that the area/body has undergone.

Unless you are speaking of a Sprained Ankle, where raising the area then applying ice packs alleviate the swellingI am a believer in heat/warmth for more Muscle, Ligament, and Tendon issues.

Ice/Cold Packs assist with many Fresh/new injuries, swelling, and narrowing of blood vessels (as a vasoconstrictor)!

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